Meet Jacqui Onoz, Certified Functional Medicine Consultant

Hi! I am so happy you are here!

After 25 years as a retail pharmacist, I grew weary of talking to customers about their medications, and seeing how we are just treating symptoms and not really getting to the “why” a person is experiencing those symptoms.

After battling with my own autoimmune struggles early on in my career and finding resolution through a functional medicine practitioner, I knew I had not only finally found a better solution for myself--but a way to help others who've struggled as I have. 

We're often told we just have to live with it, and that nothing can be done. I don't buy that. 

I've since gone on to complete certification through the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Inspired by the change I was able to discover for myself, I now work with passionate, driven people who are ready to live the life they want, unhindered by their bodies. 

I know who you are...

You’re a courageous, strong person that wants to live an energetic, purposeful life.

You also know that some things have to change to get there but you don’t know where to start.

You wake up every day wanting to accomplish so much but don’t have the energy to follow thru so you go back to bed feeling defeated, comparing yourself to others who you think “have it together” and vowing to yourself that the next day will be different...but it isn't.

The cycle continues...

You’re tired of waking up feeling inflamed, foggy, exhausted and in pain only to be told by your doctor that you’re fine.

All your tests came back normal so everything must be fine, right? 

Then why do you feel like this?

Will you have to live like this all the time?

Is this your new normal?

It's not...YOU know your body and you know deep down something isn’t right.

So you’re done. Done with feeling sick and tired all the time. Done with tolerating the vicious cycle of frustration and unease.

Done with not feeling alive and healthy and most of all, done with not living the life that you truly aspire to lead.
I'm here to tell you: You can heal and feel better than you ever have before. Let's talk
Imagine spending the majority of your 20’s breaking out in hives and welts.

That was me.

I was fresh out of college and just started working as a pharmacist when I started developing itchiness in my hands and it only happened at work. Well, it progressively got worse. My body was continually welting up and breaking out in hives and it was 24/7!

I spent 7 years trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

One specialist after another and multiple doctor visits later, the only answer I got was “we may never know what is causing this”.

The medications prescribed weren’t helping me, if anything, it was worse once the treatment was over but everything was fine, right? And some even told me that I was depressed and needed an antidepressant. How could this not make me depressed?

But I was determined! I kept searching and it led me to a functional medicine practitioner. She was able to find the cause of the hives and put me on a protocol to give my body what it was needing to heal from toxicity and leaky gut.

This was life changing and it completely changed my view of the current health care model.

So here I am, 20 years later…not one hive…not one welt…

Thinking about this experience made me realize that the worse part was not the hives, but the feeling of being unheard and dismissed.

I felt frustrated and helpless but the worse part was the fear. The fear that this is it, this is your life now and that you may not be able to do the things that you envisioned for yourself in the future.

That is really scary!

I’m here to tell you that it’s not true.

You can heal, and feel better than you ever have before.