Your body is giving you clues every day... are you listening?

A few years ago, I had a pivotal moment in my life where I realized I couldn’t keep living my life the way I was.

The constant stress from overworking, the grief I was feeling from personal losses I experienced, the unhappiness I felt with the life I was leading and the fear that I couldn’t change it led me to feeling depressed and anxious and the cycle of bad food choices just led me to feel inflamed and exhausted.

I remember I couldn’t get out bed without experiencing some form of discomfort and thinking “Oh my god, I feel like I’m 100 years old. I can’t keep going like this.” I knew something had to change and quickly but I felt stuck and it was hard to see beyond the negative.

That’s when I learned about gratitude journaling and decided I would start there.

It was easy and not time constraining so twice a day, I spent 5 minutes focusing on what I was grateful for and for the good that happened in my day.

I started to notice that my days were smoother and lighter and I started to recognize the good things around me as opposed to staying stuck in my darkness.

Things started to look up.

Later, I realized I needed to change the way I was feeding my body. I decided that for 30 days, I was only going to eat whole foods. No drive-thru fast food and no junk food…whatever I fed myself, I made and I knew what was going into my body…that’s it.

Pretty simple yet hard for someone who comforted herself with food but I knew I was not going to be able to live a full, energetic life if I continued down this road so I took some time every evening, in addition to my gratitude journal, to reflect on how I was feeling and to help me keep track of any changes and pivot my plan if needed.

This process helped me understand my body more.

What changes did I notice?

I was getting out of bed quicker and easier.

I noticed my feet weren’t swollen and my inflammation went down.

I felt calmer and my outlook was more positive and I was sleeping better.

So much changed just from eating better, taking time for gratitude and growing awareness of how my body responds.

I got out of that dark space and became stronger.

My journey is not over but I no longer fear that my life can’t change, and I know that I have more control over my outcomes and my health than every before.

This journal is how I started my journey.

Let it be yours as well.

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